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Sanae Barber
Graphic Designer
This is a part-time position for someone interested in brand development, packaging design and being part of an exciting start-up.

You will be working on various packaging components such as labels, packets, bottles and other print materials.

Must be able to create, edit and modify art files and images for product packaging, printing and web.

Candidate must have experience working on a Mac and advanced knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and basic HTML.

You will be responsible for the coordinating/archiving of Product Photography, Web files, Print files, and Packaging.

Graphic Design education / experience with brand development and packaging design is a plus and will be part of the job.

Some light administrative assistant task will be required such as organizing labels and print materials both hard and soft copies.

Positive attitude, Excellent interpersonal skills are a must.

This position will start at once a week and develop from there.

Required computer skills:
Adobe Creative Suite
Power Point

Please send your resume with any design examples and explanations you think would be relevant.

Send Resumes to:

Los Angeles, CA
May 29, 2012